Faster air supply

Shock cooling within 30 seconds, and fast heating within 2 minutes. International branded efficient compressor, high-quality internal and external motors, large-diameter tubular wind wheel, internal thread brass pipe of ultra-high heat transfer performance and electronic expansion valve provide strong power for the air-conditioning unit, so as to achieve quick cooling and heating.

More comfortable air supply

Innovative use of “Wind Cube” air supply technology, which carefully measures the human body’s needs for air supply breadth, supplies air more uniformly, and achieves perfect bathing-type air supply.

More accurate air supply

Somatosensory remote control is used, and temperature is measured in the vicinity of the remote control, so the perceived temperature is more accurate in compassion with normal air conditioners where temperature is measured at the air inlet.

Wider air supply

Integrated double-layer air deflector design, which simulates flapping wings of a bird and achieves a wider air supply angle.

More quiet air supply

Multiple optimization of air duct, industry-leading ultra-low sound in mute mode, and the sound is as low as 16 db for wall-mounted split air conditioner, and 23 db for floor-standing air conditioner in mute mode.